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EmQuest is a travel technology provider that operates to provide innovative solutions, products and services to different businesses across the UAE – enabling our customers to differentiate themselves with the latest technology in an ever evolving marketplace.

We provide a large suite of products and service offerings that are designed to align with the unique and specific requirements of the varying types of business within the dynamic environment of travel. We deliver a large network of branded content and services through our various platforms to provide our customers with a competitive product offering.

Our experienced team of over 70, have the knowledge and a proven track-record within the travel industry to provide our customers with the right solutions for their businesses. They can evaluate and access your requirements and recommend solutions that are best suited for your business goals, to help you maximise your profits and increase your efficiency. They are committed to providing innovative travel services and are focused on delivering the highest standards of excellence. 

Our services touch every step of the travel industry, and together with our travel partners, we can play a pivotal role in shaping how the world travels.